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It is planned to develop organic wine-making in Kuban

More than 600 hectares of vineyards can shift to organic agricultural techniques in Krasnodar region within the space of three years. 

As of today there is not a single certified organic vineyard, let alone – wine, in Krasnodar region. Meanwhile, the organic segment has grown by 12-16% over the last decade and presently accounts for around 130 billion US dollars and continues to grow faster than other food segments. From the date of entry into force of the Federal law on organic products the interest to organic wine-making has also increased manifold in Russia. 

In the course of audit of «Wine guide of Russia» experts checked 10 wineries in Krasnodar region.   

«Out of ten wineries visited by experts from Rosquality, six expressed interest to participate in the projects for shifting vineyards to organic agricultural techniques and to certify according to organic standards. The total area of vineyards which wineries plan to shift to organics might be more than 600 hectares within the space of three years, - as told Olesya Bunyaeva, Director of the Department on Research and Promotion of national winery products of Rosquality. 

The area of vineyards in Krasnodar region makes 28 thousand hectares. Potentially, the area of vinelands might increase up to more than 78 thousand hectares. Presently, the main plantings are located in Gelendzhik, Anapa, and Novorossiysk, in Krymsk and Temryuk districts.

Since the beginning of 2021 Krasnodar region has supplied 2 million liters of still and sparkling wines abroad. That is 33% higher as compared with a similar period of the last year. Totally, in 2021 wineries of Kuban plan to supply around 4.5 million liters of winery products abroad.

Based upon RBC materials.